Pastors are jumping on the Leadership Training bandwagon.

We are told you are missing out if we are not training leaders in our church. We’re told, “What we really need is a ‘Leadership Greenhouse.’” It seems if you aren’t training leaders you aren’t accomplishing God’s plan for your church.

John Maxwell tells us, “Everyone is a leader” so “everyone must be trained as a leader.” Others say, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Who knows who said this first?!

You have read all the leadership books (hopefully you’ve read Lead on Purpose), went to all the leadership seminars and even worked leadership principles into your sermons.

Has it worked for you?

Are you surrounded by a staff of Level 4 leaders (Maxwell: Five Levels of Leadership)?

Do you have too many lay-leaders you don’t know how to use them all?

What if I told you that not EVERYONE is a leader? You wouldn’t be shocked.

Experienced pastors have discovered leadership classes do not produce leaders. At the end of a four week program of leadership training – students become graduates, but not actually leaders.

Classes and training programs look great on paper, but they don’t always produce the kind of leaders needed in your church.

You Don’t Need More Training, You Need a Leadership Development System

Duct Tape Leadership is about customizing a system of Leadership Development that works for your church. Turn your “Leadership Greenhouse” into a “Leadership Pipeline.” In many aspects, leading a church isn’t the same as leading a Fortune 500 company or the corner market for that matter – that’s not to say good management and leadership principles won’t work in the church. Let me ask it this way, when we the last time you were able to hire the ideal person for the position or that 25 year old Youth Pastor with 30 years of experience?

We piece together staffs, teams and task-forces from the people God has placed in our charge. There is no such thing as a Draft for church like there is in professional sports.

We put our teams together with Duct Tape. Which means our teams are made up of people with a variety of personalities, leadership styles, and gifts.

It’s our job to make that team function. That’s Duct Tape Leadership.

Duct Tape Leadership does it’s best to develop leaders the way Jesus did without His divinity. Jesus already knew everything there was to know about His leadership trainees, we have to use surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Duct Tape Leadership recommends the Jesus Leadership Pipeline:

1. Jesus spent time observing potential leaders at work, before calling them. He spent time interacting with potential leaders before selecting them for leadership development.

2. Jesus handpicked his leaders. They did not volunteer to be a leader in His group. Anyone could follow Him, but His inner circle was by invitation only.

3. Jesus taught leadership “as they were going.” His disciples spent little time in the classroom and that was usually because they didn’t get it the first time. Jesus used birds and lilies and farms to teach leadership. Leadership development was a natural outgrowth of doing ministry together.

4. Jesus put His leadership candidates into difficult situations, then He challenged them to lead beyond their comfort zones.

5. Jesus treated each leader as an individual, according to their natural bent. He leveraged their personality and leadership style. In His final words on the beach in John 21, He told Peter that everyone has their own, individualized path to leadership.

The mission of Duct Tape Leadership is to help you equip the leaders in your church, both paid and unpaid, to make a difference for the cause of Christ.

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