What drives you? Task First

This is a continuation of the discussion from yesterday’s blog post, What Drives Us?

The first drive is poimen. This is the drive to achieve, to get the task completed. The poimen drive is an intrinsic drive to put the task first.

Thoughts of the poimen drive include, thinking about:

  • Outperforming other people at work
  • Meeting their self-imposed standards of excellence
  • Offering unique contributions to a project
  • Advancing one’s career

These thoughts will lead to behaviors like:

  • Setting goals for themselves
  • Looking forward to getting feedback about how they are doing on the job
  • Frequently taking initiative and being innovative
  • Taking personal responsibility if things go wrong
  • Spending time with experts over friends

The leaders who are driven by poimen drive are what John Maxwell, in his book The 5 Levels of Leadership, calls level one leaders.[1] They rely upon their positional authority. People follow them because they have the position or title.


[1] John C. Maxwell, The 5 Levels of Leadership (New York: Center Street, 2011). p. 7.

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